If I had a 3D printer . . . .

. . . I’d print me some of these:

battery caps

Reason: I go for walks with my MP3 player, and when the battery dies midway, I have to swap out a new battery. But carrying a battery in a pocket is a dicey proposition, because I might forget and put coins and other metal objects in the same pocket. I’ve learned the hard way that can make a short circuit, which can get quite hot!

Hence, plastic battery caps. The code for the positive (top) end is ‘blue for new’ and ‘red for dead.’

And now for something completely different:

toilet paper kanban

I call it a ‘toilet paper kanban.’ It sits on top of the last roll of toilet paper in the bathroom cabinet. When you take the last roll, you take the tp kanban out of the hole and put it where it will remind you to buy more toilet paper. Since it would have to be made in two pieces and glued together, perhaps a magnet could go inside so that it could stick on the refrigerator. Or . . . maybe somewhere else.

And finally, there’s this nifty pc camera lens cover:

pc camera cover

Because people can watch you while you think your camera is turned off. Yes, there are people who would do that. Over the Internet. I know. They must be really bored.

Well, these are just some of the ideas I’ve had for 3D printed products. Maybe I’ll buy a 3D printer, then learn how to convert these drawings into print files, and then I’ll make the print files available to you. And then I can be even more broke than I am now, but at least I will have contributed in some small way to the general progress of humanity.

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