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DC Motor Control: H-Bridge and L293D chip

My OWI-535 robotic arm (link) has DC motors, which are controlled by mechanical switches. Here’s what the schematic looks like for each motor in the robotic arm: Since there are five motors, there are five switches like this. This type … Continue reading

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OWI-535 Robotic Arm Edge Assembly Tips

The OWI robotic arm has over 1100 reviews on Amazon already, so I won’t review it here. Instead, I wanted to share some tips that I learned while assembling the robot. It took me five hours — but maybe with … Continue reading

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Nooli Dots

I wrote a memory match game app. It’s free with no ads or in-app purchases on Google Play. Here’s the link: Nooli Dots

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Timesense, a science fiction novella

Free July 7-8 on Amazon Kindle: For millennia the starship voyaged from Sirius to Sol. It seemed as dead as any sterile asteroid drifting between the light years. Nothing moved within the frames of its unlit portals. Aside from the … Continue reading

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The Ten Million Ton Space Elevator

Carbon nanotubes are often assumed to be the sole viable material for the construction of an Earth-based space elevator. However, carbon nanotubes in the lengths required for construction of a space elevator remain a laboratory curiosity. Is there an alternative … Continue reading

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Graph of IQ vs. US Household Income Percentiles

Here’s a graph that I made of IQ vs. US Household Income percentiles.  In other words, I looked up the percentiles for IQ and cross-referenced them with the percentiles for US Household Income. Of course, financial status is a function … Continue reading

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Structures: Or Why Elon Musk Recommends This Book

Elon Musk has provided us with a list of fourteen favorite books that inspired him, and amid fantasy novels such as Lord of the Rings and Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and biographies of Benjamin Franklin and Albert Einstein is a … Continue reading

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Multi-mode pen light: ATTiny85 with RGB LED

This is a bread board prototype of a multi-mode pen light. It shines white, red, green, and blue light. Intensity is adjustable. Strobe, emergency flasher, ‘psychedelic,’ and candle simulation functions. It’s powered by a USB phone battery charger pack and … Continue reading

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Beyond the Blink: RGB LED multiple lighting effects with arduino, push button, and potentiometer

Ever want to do more with an LED than just blink? This circuit and source code demonstrates some creative possibilities for lighting effects with an RGB LED. CC has descriptive subtitles. Sorry for the poor phone video quality. Here’s a … Continue reading

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Making a flickering candle with an RGB LED and an ATTiny85 chip

Normally you don’t use an ATTiny85 to drive an RGB LED, because an RGB LED needs three pulse width modulation pins and the ATTiny85 only has two.  However, for the application of a flickering candle, you need only two PWM … Continue reading

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