Robot Revision

Grisbot continues to evolve as I learn more about how everything goes together. According to my count, on the right is Grisbot Design #5 in Sketchup. It’s a little bit shorter, and about an inch wider than before.

I think you can easily see that I’ve gone back to the bigger Iced-Tea Jar (3″) wheels. The breadboard access hole is bigger too. I hope there will be enough space now to handle the servo wires.

There have been a few innovations in form. Here is the new front grill:

My previous design didn’t take into account that the components have wires soldered to them. Thus their leads would have had to be inserted into the holes from the front, and then the ends of the leads would be soldered to longer wires that would connect to the breadboard. Maybe I’ll go back to that, but it seemed more convenient (at least in test phase) just to solder the components to the wire extensions and then slip them through the bigger holes and lower them into grooves as shown. I hope the picture conveys the idea better than I’m explaining here.

Now let’s look under the hood:

Here, temporarily hi-lighted in yellow, is the ‘breadboard tray.’ This part was necessary to create because the added width allows the breadboard to jostle a bit and the tray will keep it nicely centered. Maybe not so necessary, I suppose.

There are some other interesting revisions inside, but I’ll close with a rear view:

Here you can see that I added 1/4″ standoffs to the caster bolts. This was in order to keep the vehicle level with the return to larger wheels. (Man, for some reason this minor bolt revision was a real headache to do! I think the lesson I learned is that in 3D designing, sometimes it’s better just to redraw a component from scratch than attempt to make even a small modification to it.)

And so the design process continues. Now that I know how to get things laser cut (ie, hand the file over to Adam at StudentRND and let him do it), there’s an almost addictive compulsion to laser-cut after every little tweak, but I can’t afford that. So I’ll hold off on cutting right away, and see if I can think of some more changes to incorporate.

A somewhat semi-profound thought: laser cutting is like “2.5D Printing,” in that you print in two dimensions but assemble in three. Okay, so maybe ‘profound’ isn’t the word, but I intend to meditate on it nonetheless.

Have a nice weekend!

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