Dual sensor test rig

This week I’ll be testing a new screen-reading protocol for Grisbot, involving two sensors. For that I’ll need a test rig. It will be contained in a box — Pop Tarts is the prime candidate — to be held up to the computer screen like so:

(Note, virtually all the models are downloaded from Sketchup Warehouse. Credit due to creators, of course!)

This interior view of the test box shows, sans wires, how the Arduino platform and mini breadboard are arranged:

And here (again sans wires) is the breadboard layout:

(Note, the resistors shown are Sketchup models. Pay no attention to their color bands, the real-world values are 10K.)

I’ll have to solder some long leads onto the LED, but the rest shouldn’t take long. By tomorrow I’ll be testing, I hope.

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