Grisbot in Acrylic, Assembled (sort of)

It looks nice in this picture. But there are big problems. I won’t show the video; it’s way too embarrassing (and I’m wondering how I got the robot to turn so precisely a few months ago!).

Even though I trimmed and resoldered the servo wires, it’s still too tight a fit:

Note how the bare connections threaten to press against the bolt, which could create a short-circuit. A little squeezing might also break the solder connections, so I dare not put on the front plate:

I think it’s back to a wooden chassis for now while I redesign the acrylic casing. And it appears that the smaller peanut butter jar lid wheels won’t turn on the carpet, so also it’s back to iced tea jar lids.

If there’s one happy story, it’s that the switch fits snugly and works great:

Who needs special-ordered bolts and nuts when you can laser-cut acrylic to fit? I even plan to replace the plastic servo horns with acrylic, but more on that later.

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