MP3 earbud and cord case

I go out walking with my MP3 all the time, but then there comes a moment in the day when I have to take the dang earbuds off and put them in a pocket or on the car seat, and the cord invariably gets tangled, plus I don’t like lint and dust and dirt on things that I put in my ears anyway.

So I realize that there are already carrying cases that hold earbuds and cords, but my objective is to make one that is as small and thereby as convenient to carry as possible. Hence this design, in which most of the cord is external to the case.

This is just a first attempt at a design for an MP3 earbud cord case. I’d like something more organic, with smoother edges and softer, less breakable plastic, and maybe an artistic design. Stuff for later posts, as I am wont to say.

(Of course, if you’ve ever worked with Sketchup, you know that the real challenge for these drawings was in creating the cord itself!)

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