Kids and rotary phones

So why do kids want to live in the Harry Potter universe, where there are no phones at all and you communicate by writing letters carried by owls?

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2 Responses to Kids and rotary phones

  1. Jeyna Grace says:

    Because theres magic 🙂

    • engineerzero says:

      Ah, but in our world, there’s magic too: smart phones and the internet and virtual reality and computer games and 3D printers and robots and genetic engineering and space exploration. With science we can see distant galaxies and explore the interior of the atom. Why would anyone want to give all that up for a dreary world where children are issued lethal weapons (‘wands’) and made to take mind-and-body-altering drugs (‘potions’) but aren’t allowed to have smart phones or play computer games?

      Well, I guess flying brooms are pretty cool, but let’s see what can be done with quadcopters . . . .

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