3D Printing: The Next Technology Gold Rush

3D Printing: The Next Technology Gold Rush – Future Factories and How to Capitalize on Distributed Manufacturing

This book provides an overview of the 3D printing market. The most interesting and unique section is Part II: “Financial Implications and Opportunities.” This section describes various potential markets for 3D products which you, the owner of a 3D printer, might produce for. Much of the discussion focuses on making custom designs for what might be regarded as accessories for ‘toys’: doll houses, action figures, gaming miniatures, and the like.

Also the writer mentions his experience working with factories in China, and says it’s nowhere as easy as some have implied. So if you have new product ideas you want to manufacture, 3D printing might be more practical when you’re just starting out.

By itself, this book is probably not going to make you an additive manufacturing tycoon, but it is perhaps one of the stepping stones along that path.

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