Grisbot Scratch Interface for Udrive

Here is the graphical user interface for U-drive (not U-turn as I said yesterday).

grisbot udrive scratch interface

To put the robot in U-drive mode, click on the U icon, and then go directly to the communications page. Do not bother with the scales on the programming page because they don’t do anything in U-drive mode.

When the computer is done communicating with the robot, the lights will flash a countdown, and that gives the user time to click back to the programming page. There, the user can program the robot by moving it over the U on the screen, as was described yesterday.

It should be noted that when the robot completes its programmed run, it will flash a countdown again and then go back into ‘record program’ state. This makes it possible to do reiterations of U-drive without having to go back to the comm page each time. If you want to get out of U-drive mode, turn the robot off and on again.

The icon was pretty easy to make, as you can see.

Udrive icon

I’m now up to seven action modes in all. I think one more should do it for Grisbot Version 1.0.

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