If I had a 3D printer (Part 2) . . .

. . . I could make stuff like this:

camera cradle

Give up? It’s a camera cradle, for taking photos and video from an elevated angle without having to buy and break out a tripod:

camera cradle 01

Of course, you have to elevate it above the scene by placing it on a table or shelf or stack of books. Presumably you won’t need your 3D printer for that!

Next, there’s this keychain ounce scale:

keychain scale

The side of the fob to the right of the chain is scientifically engineered to weigh one ounce more than the side to the left. Thus if you clip a bag to the left hand side and it (the bag) weighs less than an ounce, it (the keychain fob) will tilt accordingly:

keychain scale 01

Parents in Washington State, your kids may find this handy to stay out of trouble. And moving right along . . . .

Have you ever studied from a thick textbook while trying to do something with your hands, say like type at a computer or slurp soup, only to discover that the mischievous pages have minds of their own? Then you need these:

page weights

And what are those? Why, they are ‘page anchors’ designed to facilitate the hands-free reading experience:

page weights 01

Now you can type and slurp at the same time and never lose your place.

Well, this seems to be a ‘weighty’ blog entry, because the final item is a ’tissue box base’ filled with pennies to weigh it down:

tissue anchor

And the reason you weigh it down is so that you can pick one tissue from the box without the whole box lifting off the table:

tissue anchor 01

Now you can type or slurp with one hand while getting a tissue with the other. We live in an age of wonders.

(But perhaps you’re wondering what keeps the box from separating from the base? I don’t have a ready answer. A very snug fit indeed, I would guess, or a rubber band around the bottom of the box to serve as a shim. Hmm.)

Once again, I don’t have a 3D printer, and I don’t have the files to make these things either. But if you want to make the files and print the objects yourself, go right ahead.

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