Solving Logic Puzzles With Sketchup

Perhaps you’re familiar with those logic puzzles where five people live next to each other and have different traits, and you’re given seemingly unrelated clues and asked to figure who has what.

You know, logic puzzles like this one:

Well, you can solve these puzzles with Sketchup.

First, you make a table for the data:

puzzle table

Next, you link the clues into groups:

puzzle hints

Then you fit the clue-groups into the table slots like so many puzzle pieces:

puzzle solved

And there you go! (ie, the German has the fish. Yes, I just spoiled this one for you. But there’s thousands of these puzzles out there, and now you have the analytical tool to easily solve them all!)

This probably doesn’t have real world application, but I thought it was intriguing that a 3D drawing program could be used for solving logic puzzles.

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