Micro Servo Gear Pry Tool

In the process of converting a micro servo to continuous rotation, it is necessary to open the housing and pry the gears off the servo base one at a time. However, my fingers are just too big and clumsy to efficiently pry apart the gears on a micro servo. Even the standard pry tool doesn’t work that great. So I came up with the following idea.

To recap visually, here’s what needs to be pulled apart:

servo pry 01

Here are the two pieces of the micro servo gear pry tool:

servo pry 01a

Each piece consists of two bare metal wires forming a ‘V’ held in place by pegs on a base:

servo pry 01b

One piece is turned upside down and placed on top of the other, and then the micro servo is inserted horizontally into the micro servo gear pry tool (MSGPT?):

servo pry 02

And here’s the servo gear being pulled off the potentiometer shaft by the MSGPT:

servo pry 03

This should cut a few minutes of fumbling down to a few seconds of smoothness. My goal is to be able to convert a servo in under two minutes, which is considerably better than I’m able to do right now.

(What do you think, does the upper piece need a handle?)

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