Assembling Goldie the Grisbot


Here are the parts laid out for ‘Goldie’ the Grisbot. I call her Goldie because her acrylic casing will be yellow, and ‘Yellowy’ doesn’t quite work as a name for a vivacious young lady.

First step is to place the ATMega328 microcontroller onto the Arduino platform for testing and programming:


Next begins servo conversion:


. . . and I’m learning a lot about the assembly process. Like how I need to clear off the work space, keep the tools where I can find them, get better lighting.

I calculate that in order to stay afloat businesswise I’ll need to assemble at least twenty kits a day, and that’s not going to work if I take half an hour to convert each servo. So there is room for improvement. But you learn by doing, and this was only the first hour of my assembly line experience.

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