Phineas and Ferb Fan Fiction

Sketchup-rendered illustration of Doofenshmirtz Do-Volitionator from the Phinas and Ferb episode, 'Brain Drain'

Sketchup-rendered illustration of Doofenshmirtz Do-Volitionator from the Phinas and Ferb episode, ‘Brain Drain’

Phineas and Ferb are about two of my favorite topics, humor and engineering. A couple years ago, I decided to write some fan fiction in the format of the show. Here are the stories:

Candace’s Little Helper. Candace discovers Candroid from when the boys built their brobots, and decides to keep her. Fearing a robot revolution, Phineas and Ferb try to bust her. Doofenshmirtz builds a robotic girlfriend for Norm, and Perry prevents him from thwarting himself.

Shutter Speed. Candace hyper-accelerates so that seconds seem like hours. Doofenshmirtz reverts himself and Perry to childhood and Norm expresses his opinion on the matter.

Who’s Crazy Now?. After a bust too far, Candace is taken by her mom to see a psychiatrist. After her father comes down with sniffles, Vanessa subs for the day as evil mad scientist.

Mini Black Holes and Little White Lies. Phineas, Ferb, and Doof try to save the world from a black hole but get in each other’s way. K-rated, but maybe the humor is a little too black. Sorry . BTW, some of the events — sky spiral, sinkhole — actually happened. That’s either funny or creepy!

Ferb of the Future. To resolve their age difference, sixteen year old Ferb time-travels to the present to be with Vanessa and learns a valuable lesson about destabilizing the time-line and jeopardizing the existence of the universe.

Third-Person-Narrative Phineas and Ferb seek to write a story . . . about Phineas and Ferb writing a story. Either this is a literary experiment, or I have run out of story ideas.

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