Amazon ships me a 99.6% empty box


Wow, Amazon sure shipped me a big box today! Funny, I don’t remember ordering anything that big. Let’s take a look inside . . . .


Well, there appears to be a lot of filler material. So I’ll take that out . . . .


A LOT of filler material. It seems a shame that there is absolutely nothing I can do to put this stuff to use, so I’ll just have to throw it away. But at least it was necessary to protect all the contents, right? Right . . . .


And these are the contents. Apparently Amazon doesn’t have shipping tubes long enough for one of the two items, so they stuck it diagonally into a box big enough to fit. Never mind that 99.6% of the interior was empty. (Yes, I measured and calculated).

And this is the shipping cost relative to the whole order:


Well, maybe I can find a good use for the box. It cost me enough.

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