GRIS Calibration Flow Chart

I spent an hour working on this chart tonight. It shows the calibration procedure program flow. I don’t expect anyone to follow it, this is basically for my own edification when I (attempt to) write the code tomorrow.

I sure hope it seems simpler to the user. Note that boxes with rounded corners are user actions, boxes with sharp corners are robot actions.

Basically, here’s what you have to do in order to calibrate the robot:

1. Select CALIBRATION on the program in order to call up the chart.
2. Turn the robot on.
3. Within three seconds, shine a flashlight on the sensor.
4. Hold the sensor up to the light square.
5. When LED blips, move to dark square.
6. When LED blips again, place on floor.
7. Shine flashlight to start robot moving.
8. When robot moves 1 meter, shine flashlight again.
9. When robot turns 360 degrees, shine flashlight again.

The robot will signal that it is calibrated by flashing once. You may turn off or start reading path data.

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