Autofade Table Lamp Test Circuit

So, as you recall from my previous entry, I wanted to build an autofade table lamp based on this circuit diagram:

This is how the test circuit looks in reality (the hand, by the way, is my nephew’s):

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(Note that resistor R1 in the schematic was omitted in the test circuit. Didn’t need it, turns out.)

So . . . did it work? Actually, yes. It doesn’t look like I have a photo of the LED lit when the button isn’t being pushed, but I did take video of that.

I’m going to put together a Youtube video soon that will include the raw video that I took of the test circuit in operation. Then we’ll move onto making a prototype.

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1 Response to Autofade Table Lamp Test Circuit

  1. engineerzero says:

    In the March 7 post to this blog, I upgraded this circuit to two transistors. See the post entitled ‘Autofade Lamp Test Circuit Upgrade.’

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