In Defense of Steve Jobs

10 Unusual Things I Didn’t Know About Steve Jobs

Why do I get the feeling that this alleged ‘tribute’ is actually a hit piece in disguise?

Steve Jobs is dying and is rumored to have only weeks to live, and so the writer takes the opportunity to inform us of every bad thing Jobs did as a teenager.

“I make no judgment,” the writer says. Well, I’m not actually accusing the writer of character assassination in a commissioned hit piece in a public relations smear campaign for a corporate power struggle to purge Jobs supporters at Apple after Jobs is gone.

Instead of judgment, let me offer perspective.

Not as a teenager nor as an adult has Steve Jobs ever foreclosed on a single mother or swindled a widow out of her pension or gone to the government to demand a bailout for a ‘business’ that does nothing but speculate with money printed out of nothing at the expense of working people and the poor.

Instead, with his leadership, his companies create products that make the world a better place, and for all the airing of petty grievances, every person who has had dealings with him has become insanely rich as a result.

And so when it comes to Steve Jobs, make your own judgment.

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