Amino acid progression

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This is something that I’ve wanted to do for a while, and it will obviously take a lot more work.

The idea is that amino acids show a progression in complexity, and I’d like to put together a slide show of all the amino acids, showing this expansion.

The intention is not to show models with one hundred percent accuracy as far as angles are concerned, because after all I’m not planning to plug them into a simulation of the human cell (yet).

I don’t think a slide show is possible for all twenty amino acids, because there are branches. The progression of amino acid is tree-like, not simple linear. I’ve learned that at least.

And self-enlightenment is the goal of this exercise. Working backwards, it helps to explain how evolution might have started with utilizing one or two amino acids, and then expanded its repertoire to the twenty now in use. Working forwards, this exercise helps me to understand how different amino acids function in the construction of proteins, which has applications for nanotechnology.

I’ve got a long ways to go on this.

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  1. CamAmateur says:

    is it me or is there a CSS error? anyways nice article

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