Let Them Eat Football

On the internet somewhere, there have been concerns raised that America is headed for a food crisis. I don’t put much stock in that and here’s why.

As mentioned in my recent blog entry (The One TEU Per Family Initiative), it’s possible to grow enough food to support 1800 adults from a single acre of hydroponic gardens. So where are we going to find the land in an increasingly urbanized America?

Well, here’s an overhead view of a typical high school. The superimposed square represents 40,000 square feet, or approximately an acre. Using the aforementioned statistics, the square works out to 1674 persons fed hydroponically.

This particular high school has a student body of about 1400, which means that a single such square of hydroponically cultivated land can feed them all. As you can see, I’ve put the square to feed them in the event of a global food crisis on top of the football field.

The school and team names have been whited out in the end zones not for legal reasons but to minimize embarrassment. Really, if the football field is converted to foodage, the state rankings aren’t going to change significantly.

Nonetheless, I realize that for some parents, football is divinely ordained because it says in the Book of Genesis that on the eighth day God created football, but for those who have growly stomaches, here’s a lifestyle choice: Give up eating, or give up football.

Some will ask, “Why not put the garden on the roof?” Safety issues aside, students are already up to something on the roof. Really, Mr. Principal, go check.

Hey, I notice there’s a baseball field too. Well, problem solved then.

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