Arduino in Sketchup (in Progress II)

Here’s a Youtube video on the next issue of Make Magazine. Note the sketchup-like illustration at :17.

I made a screen capture of the Arduino illustration in the video and compared it to an export image from my Arduino drawing, and identified a few ‘discrepancies,’ like so:

(The circles are where I need to make corrections, the X’s are the ones I’ve fixed so far.) For the most part they’re easy to fix, but now I look at my work and wonder why on Earth I wasn’t more careful in matching fonts. Times New Roman obviously is a very bad choice here. If I’m to upload my drawing of the Arduino Uno to Google 3D Warehouse, I’ll have to redo the fonts.

That said, I’m pleased with how much I got right. I can see being done with this by the end of the week.

In other news today, I finally bothered to figure out how Sketchup layers work. Piece of cake, excuse the quasi-pun.

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