Sketchup: working with components

As I wallow through Google Sketchup 7 for Dummies, I have tried to apply my knowledge. Here is an attempt to emulate the drawing of a restarant in the book, by using components. I learned that I didn’t know how to make automatic cuts for windows, hence I had to change the window component from transparent to sky(ish) blue. I also discovered I didn’t know how to add the flower vase to the table-chair component without creating a new table-chair component. I think I recall reading that there’s a way to do that, so I shall live and learn another day.

Anyhow, I do appreciate sketchup’s power to create so much detail through component replication. I realize this is hardly professional work here, but it’s more than I thought I could do. And how much farther would I have to go in order to make it professional? Well, make things conform to measurements, spend a little more time designing the chairs and table, add trim to the walls, maybe put in a photo texture wall paneling and floor. If I had hours, I could do it. And if I wanted to do this for a living, I would think about putting together a portfolio of such.

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