Chez Mars

Okay, the simple solution to the window-cut problem was to make a wall panel component with the window pre-cut into it. I made the window transparent, by the way. Then I deleted the old walls and replaced them with instances of the panel-window component.

Then to make it interesting, I inserted a background from one of the Mars rover missions.

I know that a restaurant on Mars seems like something for the twenty-second century, if ever, but if we could ever develop some sort of fusion propulsion, this scene could be for real within five years. How about reservations for 9AM breakfast, October 19, 2015?

I realize Chez Mars is kind of generic for the restaurant name, but I downloaded the picture from a Yahoo search and it didn’t give me any information as to where the scene is from. I suppose I could look it up, but we have a few years yet. Another Sunday, then.

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