Space robot

Here’s a design for a remote-controlled robot to perform tasks in space. I’m proud of the level of detail although the proportions, as usual, are a bit off. Hey, it’s called sketchup, not formalpresentationup or productiondrawingup.

I think the arms need to be articulated with another joint. Then again, humans manage okay with just one elbow per arm, so what does my robot have to complain about?

Many years ago I commissioned a drawing of a space tug from a professional graphics artist and he charged me eight hundred dollars for something less detailed than this. Also, for a professional, he was decidedly unprofessional, but that’s another story. Anyhow, doing the graphics these days by myself is more fun, more rewarding, and less expensive. Now if only I had some good rendering software . . . .

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1 Response to Space robot

  1. engineerzero says:

    I see some gray areas that missed the background paint to black. Well, next time.

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