Miningbots at Work

Isn’t it adorable? On the left, you have hammerbot creating a pile of ore chippings at the base of the cave wall. Then on the right is shovelbot, carrying the ore chippings to a wagon. Observant viewers will notice that the scene has been horizontally flipped because I collaged the picture the other way, then realized I wanted it to read the activity left to right.

Anyhow, I’m not done with the mining bot zoo. I’m thinking there should be a transbot. This is not a bot that dresses differently, but rather a transport vehicle that will haul the ore wagons in and out. We’ll see.

Then there should be a helperbot, which will do things like swap batteries, provide basic maintenance, and even tow defunct bots back outside. If a robot breaks down, we’re not sending other people in to fix it, we’re sending in another robot. That’s what helperbot is for. Coming.

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Once and future engineer.
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