Touchless Touchscreens: 3D Vision for phones (and computers)

Imagine a ‘touchless touch screen’ for your smart phone. You hover your hand above the screen, and the phone detects the position and movement of your fingers so that you can ‘click’ and ‘swipe’ without actually having to contact the screen. This opens up a whole new realm of convenient and fun applications.

Someday smart phones will come equipped with two cameras in front, but in the meantime this tiny accessory that fits over the top of your phone will do the trick:

smartphone stereo 1

As you can see, it has two mirrored surfaces, which act as a sort of split-view periscope:

smartphone stereo 3

This enables the camera to see from two different perspectives, which can then be combined into one:

smartphone stereo 2

And of course it can be adapted to laptops and desktops, so that 3D viewing can be utilized in, say, drawing stuff in Sketchup!

This idea has been posted to Quirky.

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