Ten Predictions for 2014

1. 3D printing of manufactured goods will drive factories out of business.

2. 3D printing of food will drive farmers out of business.

3. 3D printing of body organs will extend human lifespan indefinitely.

4. 3D printing of solar cells will provide unlimited, pollution-free energy.

5. 3D printing of 3D printers will make high living standards available to all.

6. 3D printing of sophisticated computers and robots will lead to mass unemployment.

7. Public will demand economic reform to share the material wealth created by 3D printing.

8. The .1% will print invincible army of AI-controlled drones to herd the 99.9% into ‘relocation centers.’

9. Software for invincible AI-drone army will crash.

10. Economy of scarcity will be replaced by economy of self-improvement and personal enrichment.

About engineerzero

Once and future engineer.
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