Engineer Zero and the Lost Temple of Consumerism

A local mall had a flood a few years ago, and has never quite recovered. There’s a lot of empty space, which for me evokes a certain atmosphere of mystery and even a little adventure.

Come, let us depart from the beaten path of I-405 into the dim realm of zombie commercial real estate:


It has kind of a Mayan/Aztec feel to the architecture, like a lost temple. Admittedly, the 24-Hour Fitness somewhat compromises the ambience.


The symbolism of the floor mosaic will puzzle archaeologists of future centuries.


This elaborate overhead light fixture may have served to induce a state of hypnotic trance among the cultic faithful. Fortunately, I am immu . . . .


What lies behind these cavern-like walls? We can only imagine the secret chambers. Yes, let’s go with that.


Hello, hello, hello. Echo, echo, echo.


Here is one of the altars before which the worshipers of Consumerism knelt in prayer for the restoration of their feet and charge accounts.


There’s a curtain, but was there a little man behind it?


All it needs are hieroglyphs on the walls, and this could be mistaken for the Temple of Karnac.


You know what’s really spooky? How much my rent has gone up when there’s vacant space like this just down the road.


Alas, this one blurred photograph is all we retain of their most sacred scripture. Apparently, while there is no admonition against cannibalism, skateboarding was a mortal sin.


Evidence of animal sacrifice has been found at the site.


For those trapped within the labyrinth of consumer debt, escape must have seemed so close!

About engineerzero

Once and future engineer.
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