grisbug instamorph

On Friday morning the bathroom sink plugged up and while looking in the cabinet underneath for the snake, I spied a siphon clip that I had made with instamorph. How fortuitous! I had completely forgotten — Instamorph, of course! Just what I needed for making the grisbug enclosure. (Well, perhaps.)

In case you’re not familiar with this stuff, it’s a plastic-like material that melts at 140 degrees F, can be molded into a desired shape, then hardens as it cools. And I thought it would make an excellent enclosure for grisbug, since being formed by hand it tends to end up in organic-looking shapes anyway.

I carefully weighed out an ounce (about $1 in bulk price), heated up a sauce pan of water, poured in the instamorph pellets for warming, and molded a mock-up like so:

grisbug instamorph

I’ve laid out all the components here to show that there’s more than enough room inside to accommodate them. Indeed, I might be able to squeeze in a mini breadboard. I also have a free pin on the ATTiny, so that I could add another LED for internal color.

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