Thirty Year Old Predictions

new technology book

From the cover:

“Robotics. Today, they build Fords and Toyotas; tomorrow they’ll vacuum your floors.”

“Cable TV. Soon your set will bring hundreds of channels into your home. And you’ll talk back!”

“Computers. Football or horse racing, politics or Wall Street, your portable home computer will give you the edge.”

“Newspapers. They’ll be as obsolete as the horse and buggy, when your hand-held ‘newsfax’ machine brings you up-to-the-minute news and in-depth reports.”

“Telephones. AT&T is just a step away from plugging you into a vast space-age communications network.”

“Satellites. Satellite-supplied weather information will soon be almost 100% reliable — anywhere, anytime.”

“Lasers. Precise enough to focus on a single human cell, powerful enough to blow fist-sized holes in battlefield tanks.”

“Radiation. From microwave ovens to electric blankets, it’s everywhere — and we’re all in a game of radiation-roulette.”

I could make a thousand comments here, but it’s time to get back to work. All I will say is, that thirty years sure went fast, and I suppose the next thirty will go faster still.

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