Why Breadboarding is like Hiragana

In the Japanese writing syllabary known as hiragana, stroke order is important to properly compose the characters. Likewise, in building a bread board circuit, it’s important to figure out the order of installing the wires and components. Otherwise you find that a wire/component you inserted previously is getting in the way of inserting a wire/component now.


In the breadboard shown, I’ve decided it’s best to set down the common voltage and ground wires first.

1. As a general rule, the shorter the connection the earlier it’s set in place.

2. The wires at the bottom of the breadboard are routed over the edge so that they don’t block the holes inbetween.

3. Wires that pass over the microcontroller are made long enough so that they can arch, thereby allowing the microcontroller to be removed and reinserted for reprogramming.

The photo shows the first layer of circuitry completed, now the rest of the circuitry will be layered on top.

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