Grisbot in metric


I decided to completely redraw minigrisbot in millimeters instead of inches, and it went much, much faster. Friends don’t let friends design robots in English units. (Pouring ale is another matter.)

But why re-design something that’s already designed? In case I want to mod, it’ll be much easier doing the measurement arithmetic in my head. Moreover, I’ve been having trouble with transferring files from Sketchup to the SVG plug-in to the laser cutter. I think going to metric may solve the problem. We’ll see.

Note the wheels are smaller (approx 50%). I’m leaving the color blank for now in Sketchup but I have a couple extra blue sheets of acrylic so that’s how it’ll turn out.

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1 Response to Grisbot in metric

  1. Vince says:

    Good decision. NASA should have done the same thing after crashing a probe into Mars! 🙂

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