Robot assembly order is important

When I attempted to assemble the first laser-cut casing for grisbot, it was a learning experience. In particular I learned that design has to accommodate the assembly process. So that’s what I’m trying to anticipate with minigris.


For example, in the above illustration we see that the servo wires won’t fit through the hole if we try to insert the servo from the exterior of the side panel. So we have to insert the servo from the interior, and only then can we attach the wheel.


Here I’m using the bottom panel as the assembly base, logically enough. Thus I begin by inserting the rear panel.


Since the rear panel has slots pointing upward, it’s easy to ‘hook’ the side panels onto the assembly. Contrast with my previous grisbot design, which had side tabs and slots requiring all four vertical-oriented pieces to be fitted together at once and only then attached to the base. That was a challenge to my lack of manual coordination!


The slots on the front panel point downward, which enables the front panel to be easily removed. I’m planning to offer optional equipment that can be installed into the empty space under and forward of the servos, and having an easily-removed-and-reinstalled front panel facilitates that.

I learned from my previous design that servo wires take up a lot of room internally and it’s a hassle to stuff the wires into the casing and even more of a hassle to trim them. So the top panel not only has openings for the breadboard and battery, there are also two small access holes in the rear through which to route the servo wires up to the breadboard.

Not shown in this casing assembly process: the caster ball in the back, and the top-to-bottom bolt that secures the pieces together. And of course, wires, battery, mini breadboard, and electronic components.

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