Raspberry Pi from Maker Shed

Here’s the Raspberry Pi starter kit from Maker Shed:

Here’s a size comparison with an Arduino (does not come with kit):

Just as a note: I bought this kit about two weeks ago when it first came out at the full price of $124 and now it’s on sale for $99. Yes, I know, tough nuggies. But it’s hardly a way to stimulate short-term sales if you signal to your customers that if they hold off on buying right away, you’ll cut prices by 20%.

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3 Responses to Raspberry Pi from Maker Shed

  1. Brian C says:

    I think the price drop has to do with the 512MB RAM models coming available. I picked up one as well for $99, and it appears to have 256MB RAM

    • engineerzero says:

      Well, then I not only paid the higher price but also paid it for an obsolete model. Again, let me say that they have full right to do this and I’m not angry. I’m just saying that it doesn’t seem like an effective marketing strategy to encourage the public to delay purchases. Which I will do next time they introduce an expensive new product on Maker Shed.

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