Grisbot in Acrylic

Here’s Grisbot in baby-blue acrylic. I was hoping to laser-cut it tonight at StudentRND but after getting into the design work I realize that I probably won’t be ready until next week at the earliest. At any rate, at least I can show it off in Sketchup.

A frontal view. The front side will be clear but is tinted gray here so that it can seen. Notice the empty space in the middle. Maybe I can expand the cowlings for the photosensors.

Overhead view shows the many openings that will have to be cut. And I still haven’t put in the tabs and brace holes!

Here is my “plan” for securing the servos to the chassis. I have no experience assembling things, and perhaps it shows. The bolt heads by the way are curved and 4-ply but I didn’t see the value in going into that level of detail.

I think I need to add L-shaped braces between the bottom and the sides here too. Tomorrow.

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