GIRC Robot Preliminary External Design

I’m still attempting to integrate the servo command sketch with the flash communication sketch, but I figure it’s time to start thinking about the external design of the robot. I plan to use a laser cutter on thin wood, with tabs and slots so that everything will fit together.

Anyhow, here are some more pictures. Bear in mind that I intend to make the actual robot about half the size of the prototype.

Side view:

There will have to be holes for the wheel axles of course.

Top View:

The lid and top will have to be cut at an angle or else the lid won’t sit properly. I hope a laser cutter can do that!


There will have to be bolt holes for the caster. The hole in the rear is for the LDR to peep through as it reads screen flashes.

Front view:

Rather barren and impersonal. I’m thinking there should be an access hole to attach sensors and LEDs to the front.

Not shown: the interior with compartments for the servos, battery, and mini breadboard.

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