Arduino reading screen flashes

I’ve upgraded the hardware to include two LEDs in addition to the phototransistor. Based on the reading of the screen flashes, the LEDs flash according to the key shown.

Here’s a video of the system in action:

This is at a screen frame rate of 60 Hz, for a transmission rate (with trigger and null bits) of 6 bytes per second. For GIRC, that’s enough to convey 1.5 segment turn-and-move segment commands per second from the computer to the robot. A file of 15 commands, which is probably on the large side, would only take ten seconds.

This brings me closer to dispensing with the USB/Serial cable, and if I can do that, I can take the ATMega328 microcontroller off the Arduino. That will reduce the cost of my robotics kit by about $25.

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