Casters for a Small Robot

Poor little cheapbot is undergoing surgery this week. The purpose is to change the caster wheel, but in the end the whole chassis will be replaced.

Because I’m trying to build my ‘cheapbot’ robot out of readily available parts, I went to various retail stores looking for small casters. The best I could find at the time was this one at Ace Hardware:

If you’ve viewed my videos, you may have seen that this wheel tends to stick when the robot is turning. So I purchased some small, dedicated-robot ball casters online. I bought steel and plastic ball casters.

I tested out the steel caster, and it seems to stick too. So now my hopes are on the plastic caster:

Unlike the steel caster, which could easily be thumbtacked to a prototype wooden chassis, the plastic ball will require drilling in order to be affixed to its chassis. So that’s where I’m heading next.

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