GIRC: Reviewing Output in the Processing Console

After I generate a path and convert the data into turn-and-move format, I want to send the data to the arduino-robot. For this I will use the USB/serial cable. But before I send any data, I want to make sure I’m sending the right stuff.

That is what the Processing “console” is for. The console is the black area at the bottom of the Processing window. It’s where you can print data from your Processing program in real time, so that you can troubleshoot.

In the above screen-capture image, the console appears in the lower left corner. As shown, GIRC is running and I’ve clicked Transfer. At this stage in program development, however, Transfer does not send anything over the serial port. Instead, it prints turn-and-move data to the console using the println() function.

As you can see, the last line in the console corresponds to the turn-and-move data shown in the lower left corner of the GIRC screen. I’ve checked all the other lines and they’re correct too.

Now it’s time to send data through the serial port.

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