GIRC: Graphical Interface for Remote Control

GIRC is my program to operate a remote-control vehicle via computer with a graphical user interface. The program is written in Processing and an Arduino is used for the hardware interface.

Here’s a screen capture with the path being drawn by clicking on the squares of the virtual keypad in the lower left corner:

Once drawn, paths can be saved to files and replayed. Map images can be loaded, so that paths can be traced over them, like so:

Here’s the hardware interface with the USB cable going to the computer and the actual RC keypad ‘hacked’ by simply soldering connections next to the control buttons:

Here’s a video of how the system works:

I also have videos of its operation on the floor, but suffice to say, the accuracy for a toy like this isn’t very good. I’m planning to buy an Arduino-compatible robotics platform and see what I can do with that.

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