TOR Systems List

This picture identifies the major systems for the TOR. (TOR stands for Tele-Operated Robot.) Here is a preliminary parts list.

1. Arduino Microcontroller for input/output interface between communications and motor/servos. Easy to find, only $35.

2. Wireless Camera available on for under $100.

3. Servos/Actuators can be found at digikey, etc.

4. Sheet metal enclosure. I’m not sure where you get the material, but it must be available locally because it’s used in machine shops all over the place. There are books on Amazon about how to use it.

5. Motor (Wheelchair) is available on eBay for around $100-$200. Behold:

6. XBee for point-to-point radio communications. Another $30-$40 item, available at Maker Shed and elsewhere.

Lots of things left off this list: like front tires, 12 V batteries, battery connector, electronics mount and shielding, all kinds of stuff. But this list is a start toward the process of actually building the robot.

And the components connect just like lego bricks, so all you have to do is buy them and snap them together . . . riiiiight. But seriously, I think the hardest part of this project will be to clear enough room in my apartment to build it.

Well, I suppose the arm is going to be a challenge too. On the other hand (excuse the appendage-related pun), if you’ve programmed one servo, you’ve programmed them all. Right? Riiiiight.

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