Fukushima and Teleoperated Robots (Video)

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3 Responses to Fukushima and Teleoperated Robots (Video)

  1. Gustav Friberg says:

    Since they cannot approach from above and the water canons are not making much of a difference, why not bring two or several really big and above all high mobile crane to the site and pull hoses and other equipment in position above the site between them.
    With four cranes around each reactor you should be able to position anything at the right spot.
    Suggestion from ,
    Gustav Friberg, Stockholm Sweden

  2. jason says:

    Having robots operating cranes and control rooms, Why not just fit both with wired, or wireless controls, and access them that way? Granted in this situation the control may not be fitted with such equipment so can’t do it here, but surely setting up a crane to be controlled with a computer will be a lot cheaper and far less cumbersome that having it done with a robot.

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