Fukushima: constructing containment buildings out of shipping containers

Containments for the damaged reactor buildings can be rapidly constructed out of intermodal shipping containers. Shown here are forty-foot units. Approximately 1500 are used to build the walls. At $5000 per unit, the walls can be constructed for $7,500,000 in materials.

As for the roof, cables can be strung across the roof and metal plates can be placed on top of the cables.

A single container ship will carry enough containers for this job. Going by standard shipyard loading operations, this entire structure can be built in less than a day.

A venting and condensation chamber (not shown) can be built alongside the containment building so that steam ventings are not released into the environment.

Containers are stacked eight high on ships, where during storms they experience movements far stronger than earthquakes. The design here is shown twelve high, but these containers are (a) empty and (b) joined with welding.

For safety purposes, it is recommended that teleoperated robots be used in place of human personnel as much as possible.

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