Zerobot Chronicles: Remote Control Pad

Here are photos of a RC toy vehicle’s remote control pad circuitry exposed. I reversed the back side so that the points would correlate with the components on the front.

The chip identifier number under the sticker is unreadable, which is unfortunate since the chip is the most interesting thing on the board by far.

Anyhow, the plan is to connect this to the Arduino so that I can control it from my computer with a variation of the LED-color switching program that I wrote.

By the way, I think I should mention that I am an utter newbie when it comes to programming in Processing, but there is so much stuff online to copy and paste that it was really quite easy to get up to speed.

Also BTW, the big digital multimeter with PC interface that I bought a couple years ago and never took out of the box only gives me a backwards 7 for display. Anyway, it cost more than the Arduino, so it was open to question whether it made financial sense to risk connecting it to the RC circuit in lieu of just connecting the Arduino without testing first. So I bought a cheap analog multimeter, which I will use on the circuit when my nephew comes over again tonight.

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