Coming Attractions: Arduino Park

Oh, this thing has gotten out of control. Originally, I meant to have a simple blog entry with a series of Sketchup images. Then I thought about making a Youtube video.

It’s not that it takes that long, but after I finish correcting a mistake, I like to let a project sit for a while before I come back and check to make sure there aren’t any more mistakes. I’m assuming that I’m seeing more with fresh eyes and that there isn’t some quantum-physical attribute to the universe that causes mistakes to ‘grow’ in the meantime! And with this project, mistakes do seem to grow.

Anyhow, Arduino Park should be on Youtube tomorrow. And remember, Stomping Is Not Recommended.

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2 Responses to Coming Attractions: Arduino Park

  1. Jorge says:


    ??Have you the script (transcription) of the text used by the narrador on the arduino park??

    I will like to translate it.


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