Classics Illustrated Martian Tripod

Today’s Sketchup practice session was to make a Classics Illustrated Martian tripod. It’s not quite right, especially the tentacles, which are as yet a skill too far. But I exported this image, then loaded it into Paint to crop, and then I realized that it was cool as it was. Certainly there was inspiration in the original! As mentioned in the Amazon review, “The artwork by Lou Cameron is simply superb.”

I did a search in the Google 3D Warehouse and couldn’t find a War of the Worlds tripod quite like this. Perhaps, with a little touching up, I should upload this. Well, when and if I ever figure out how to do the tentacles.

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3 Responses to Classics Illustrated Martian Tripod

  1. engineerzero says:

    I decided to use this image as my avatar.

  2. Jarin says:

    Cool mate could you possibly make a model for me of the tripods from the BBC series The Tripods?

    • engineerzero says:

      The bad news is that I regretfully don’t have time. The good news is that someone may have already done it for you free of charge. The program that I used for drawing is called Sketchup, which is free and very easy to learn how to use. Sketchup also has a ‘warehouse’ of models that people have created, which can be downloaded free of charge. So all you need to do is download Sketchup (here), spend an hour or two with the tutorials (see website or Youtube), and check out the warehouse for tripod models (here, maybe?).

      You may want to check out the models first to see if one of them fits your desire. Once you’ve downloaded the model, you can modify it as you please, then add in background and orientation to your taste. Have fun!

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