Candy Grabber Engineering

I was in one of those there grab a bag o candy stores and wondered if the process could be improved. Because, you know, it works, which means it’s just asking to be fixed. Ask any engineer!

The grabber on the right (ie Mark II) has a kink, allowing for greater verticality in one’s grabbing of candy. This means less sticking of the hands within the box, which is good for the other patrons. And if you came after someone else, then you’re one of those other patrons.

Anyhow, originally my idea was for something like a glove bag like they use in nuclear and biological work. Then I wondered if the procurement and maintenance costs might be a bit high for a candy store. So I thought that maybe I should just work to keep the hands out of the box, and that’ll be enough for today’s post.

About engineerzero

Once and future engineer.
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