Spoon holder with spoon

You might wonder what this thing is, if the title of this entry didn’t give it away.

Anyhow, I went to the Google Warehouse and downloaded a spoon, then inserted it into the model. Like so:

The basic idea is, you don’t want your wetted spoon to touch the table because that would be germy. So you insert it into a spoonholder, which through the power of what I like to call “Archimedean Static Leverage” prevents the spoon from touching the table. Now, you might be saying, “Why don’t I just put the spoon on a saucer or a plate?” Well, you could say that.

If you want one of these, they’re only $39.95 plus postage. The reason for the price is because I really don’t want to make one, so I’ll charge so much that only an idiot would want to buy one. I was thinking, though, that someday I’ll figure out how to make a 3D printable file for this, and then it might be fun for people to make their own. Unlike saucers, by the way, the spoonholder never has to be washed. So maybe it’s not so silly, after all, huh?

And just in case you’re wondering what it would be like, here’s a spoonholder in a restaurant on Mars:

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