Remote Control Mining Robot

This one I call ‘Hammerbot.’ It uses a pneumatic-powered hammer to chisel into rock. Originally, I had the idea that the broken rock would then fall into the wagon that the robot is pushing in front. Then I realized that there are many reasons why that won’t work, most of all because the poor little robot’s arm isn’t long enough to reach over the wagon.

So now the idea is that it’s pushing this wagon, yes, but it detaches when it goes to hammer on the wall. Another robot or some other kind of attachment is used to collect the chiseled rock that falls at the base of the wall. I’ll work on that concept some more.

Anyhow, in light of the trapped Chilean miners, maybe soon they’ll stay topside and teleoperate robots instead of having to risk their lives.

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  1. engineerzero says:

    Oh, Sketchup! Where are we going to get infinitely thin sheet metal in real life?

    ‘Pneumatic’ is one of those words that always looks misspelled.

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