Spillinator Docking Ops

Here’s a refinement of the docking operation equipment concept. The docking mechanism has expanded into a funnel and there’s a guide post in front to help the ROV driver find the correct position.

The ROV design has become more detailed, though of course this is nothing like a real world ROV. Real ROVs frankly look like box-shaped messes of tubing and aren’t very visually appealing. Anyhow, by making my own design, I avoid corporate patent trouble.

I suspect that Youtube isn’t linking my video because it uses music, and though Kevin MacLeod’s music is in the public domain, maybe someone in Youtube doesn’t know that. Or maybe I should have included a link to his site, I don’t know. Anyhow, my go-around will be to make more videos, this time without music.

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Once and future engineer.
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